Estate Planning

The Purpose of Estate Planning

  • (from the Special Needs Alliance)

    Special needs planning works to preserve public benefits for the disabled child while supplementing and enhancing the quality of the child s life. This type of planning is useful for many different purposes, including

    • lifetime money management for the benefit of the disabled child;

    • protecting the child s eligibility for public benefits; and

    • ensuring a pool of funds available for future use in the event public funding should cease or be restricted.

Estate Panning Basics

    • Have a family conversation to clarify roles and wishes.
    • Engage legal and estate planning professionals.
    • Consider creating a trust for special needs beneficiaries for as long as they live.
    • Build some flexibility into your plan, as needs may change over time.
    • Keep your plan current by reviewing it every 3 to 5 years or when circumstances change.
  • Alliance of Disability Advocates