School Profiles Introduction

      • Here are the newly updated CHCCS School Profiles, a “one stop shop” for up-to-date school information. This is an interactive display that lets viewers see background information about schools, demographics for students and staff members, school improvement goals, test scores, and survey results. The information shown is the most up-to-date.

        Look for:

        Comparison data at the CHCCS logos
        A Glossary of Terms, first page (Snapshot) in the lower left
        Information icons 
        Navigation information (upper left corner to return to Select a School)

        Click on the School Profiles Web Application link below to access school profile information.

        Contact Executive Director of Assessment and Research with questions or to ask for a tour of your school’s data. If you need support in a language other than English, please contact

      School Profiles Overview

      • Hello, and thanks for pulling up this website. I’m Diane Villwock, CHCCS executive director of assessment and research.

        This brief video introduces the new CHCCS School Profiles, a “one stop shop” for up-to-date school information. Here is what we call the “splash page”. You’ll see an icon for each school. Elementary and middle schools share the same Profile structure, while high schools have a few different views. Let’s begin by choosing an elementary or middle school of interest. 

        Starting at the top of the page, there is a banner in school colors with school information. On the left are three text boxes that introduce and set context for the school. Next to the “Success Shout Out” box at the bottom, there is a blue and green CHCCS icon. Look for these, as they lead to District or building-level comparison data. Beneath, is an icon for a glossary of terms. On the right side is demographic information. For more detailed information on student groups, click on the school building icon. At the bottom of the page are tabs to navigate to the other information views. The next tab “Goals” includes the School Improvement Goals and Success Indicators. 

        The SPG tab shows the School Performance Grades for the 2018-19 school year; the most recent year of that data. Look for the little “i” icons for more information. 

        The Academics tab shows student performance on State tests. The proficiency data is broken down by student groups. To view other subjects, click on the tabs below the chart.  The Screeners tab shows Academic Screeners in Reading and Math, in the same format as the Academics tab.

        On the Growth tab, the growth for 2018-19 is shown; it’s the most recent version of this metric. 

        The Absences tab shows the proportion of students who attended less than 90% of school days. 

        SEL stands for “Social-Emotional Learning”. A screener is administered twice a year measuring the areas shown. The “Teachers” tab shows the outcomes from the latest NC Teacher Working Conditions Survey.

        Choose a high school by clicking on the “Select a School” icon in the upper left corner, and then a high school from the splash page. The tabs that are different from the elementary and middle school tabs will be highlighted here. 

        The AP-Honors tab shows the percentage of students enrolled in an honors course, an Advanced Placement course, or who are enrolled in neither. The ACT tab is structured like the Academics tab for the ACT test taken by all 11th graders, and finally, “Grad rate” shows the percentage of 12th graders who graduated in four years. 

        That’s all for now. If you have additional questions about these pages, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  Thanks for listening!