• LevelUp Vision

    Designed to enrich, empower, encourage, and support the educational success of young men of color in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City schools. Student Leadership & Engagement’s vision is to create model programs intended to provide additional layers of academic, social, cultural, and enrichment support for young men of color.

    Recent Events

    Last Saturday was a day of science exploration and football for Level Up. We began our Saturday at Phoenix Academy with Ms. Lee’s KAMUL Mobile Science Cafe. Our students engaged in an exciting exploration of wind energy. 16 students participated in making their own custom windmills made out of CDs, corks, laminated paper, and other everyday materials. Each of our young men crafted their windmills and tested them with box fans to see how much energy they could produce. It was a treat to witness the unique ideas that each participant created. They learned the importance of renewable energy sources and the process of failure to create success. Next, our Level UP young men played a competitive flag football game on the Lincoln Center field. The weather was perfect for outdoor fun. The game was a complete nail-biter with one team edging out the victory with a touchdown on the final play. After the game, we celebrated the day with club sandwiches and brownies from Breadmen’s.  All in all, it was a day of enrichment, encouragement, and entertainment. 

    -Terrence Foushee, 5/20/23