Language Translation Services

  • The goal of CHCCS is to communicate effectively with ALL parents, regardless of language spoken.

    For Parents
    Call 919-967-8211 x28353 to request assistance with interpretation services

    Email to request assistance with interpretation services

    For CHCCS Employees
    Simultaneous interpretation equipment
    For large group events such as parent nights or community events, call Ya Day Moo at 919-967-8211 x28353 

    District or site-based documents to be sent to parents/community, submit a ticket through our Translation/Interpretation Requests Form on the VINE (CHCCS employee Google account login required).

    Face-to-face interpretation
    For small meetings (parent conferences, etc.), submit a ticket through our Translation/Interpretation Requests Form (CHCCS employee Google account login required).

    District Contacts for Interpretation/Translation services
    Helen Atkins, ESL Coordinator
    919-967-8211, extension 28353

    Burmese/Karen Interpreter:
    Loyal Wai:

    Spanish Interpreters:
    Sandra Pereira:
    Daniel Perez:

  • Translation
    Written documents should be translated for any home in which no parent or guardian reads English. If a parent in the home reads English, then translation may not be essential. Whenever possible the English copy should be on one side of the paper and the translation on the other side. When sending documents in multiple languages, sending home an English copy first followed by the translation is too confusing for parents. Translate important classroom and school documents that need a parent response or that a parent has a right to know. For example:
    • Permission forms that need parents signatures
    • Newsletters (collaborate with other grade level teachers when approved by your principal)
    • Report card narratives
    • Instructions for special homework projects that need parent monitoring or input
    • Meeting announcements and other school flyers
    • Classroom needs - requests to volunteer, lists of needs for celebrations, etc.
    • Manuals and brochures
    • Health information
    • Information bulletins (AIG, redistricting, etc)
    • Registration packets and letters
    • Discipline letters
    • Exam letters
    • Student/parent surveys

    Process for Translating Documents

    1. Check the electronic file that the staff member designated by your principal is keeping of building-level translated documents.
    2. If the translation is not available in files contact the district approved translators posted on our website. The list of translators will be updated each semester. Please only use approved translators that are on the CHCCS website. It works best if you can give the translator 2-3 days lead time.
    3. A copy of your request for translation must be sent to the staff member designated by your principal who will keep a record of building-level translated documents.
    4. Staff need to keep electronic files of ALL translated documents. If you request it, keep an electronic copy of it! Give a copy to your school's designated staff member.
    5. If revisions or updates must be made to the document, send the electronic file to the translator. Highlight any changes, if possible. If avoidable, do not change the font or format. Changes in font and format incur additional time and expenses.

    Interpretation (oral translation)

    Contact Ya Day Moo, or at 919-967-8211 ext. 28353 to sign up for interpretation equipment.
    REMEMBER: Parents of your student may not speak English even if their child does. When a parent/guardian does not speak/understand English, interpretation services should be requested. Some examples are:
    Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • IEP Meetings
    • PEP Meetings
    • Home visits
    • Parent nights
    • District forums
    Some schools have found it successful to hold PEP meetings, with all Spanish-speaking parents in the same meetings. Administration and staff should be aware of personnel in their building who speak another language or parents who speak English bi-lingual speakers who may be able to assist in communication with non-English speaking parents. Individuals such as this may be used for low-level communication such as:
    • Making phone calls to schedule a parent/teacher meeting
    • Inviting parents to a school function
    • General calls from teachers, school nurses, social workers, counselors, and administrators
    • If your school requires translation or interpretation services for a language other than Spanish please contact the individuals listed on our District Translators and Interpreters page.

    Process for Acquiring an interpreter

    Our goal is to use the district's translator/interpreter to handle all Spanish translating and interpreting in the district. This is of course with the understanding that the district translator/interpreter will not be able to cover all of the Spanish demands from our district. In these cases we will need to employ the help of other subcontracted translators/ interpreters. In cases our district interpreter is not able to cover Spanish assignments he/she will direct the request to the subcontracted translators/ interpreters.
    Working with an Interpreter
    The teacher should always address the parent directly and not the interpreter. Although it may seen unnatural at first it is always best for you to make eye contact with and talk directly to the parent. Making eye contact with the interpreter may cause confusion. Speak in an even tone and pause frequently so the interpreter can translate appropriate information. Use simple and concrete samples in your explanation of academic goals. Student's work samples and a rubric to show how the work was evaluated is an excellent example to discuss with parents. Remember to leave time for any questions the parent may have.