School Libraries

  • School library media centers in the 21st century can, and should be, hubs for increased student achievement and positive focused school reform. 
    ~Kathleen D. Smith

    School libraries are the hub of learning, imagination, creativity, and innovation in schools. This collaborative space provides an environment for student-centered learning where teachers, librarians, administrators, and more can work to provide literacy rich experiences for students. In North Carolina, students are required to learn the Information and Technology Essential Standards throughout their K-12 career. These standards provide opportunities for students to access, evaluate, organize, and communicate information through the use of various media methods including print and digital resources.

    A school librarian wears many hats. They are a teacher, program manager, instructional coach and information specialist. They can be a critical friend to classroom teachers as they debate integrating literacy and technology in their lessons. In Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, we support our librarians and teachers through a flexible access schedule that enables librarians to work with teachers and students as they are needed for special projects, lessons, and coaching.

    CHCCS has an AMAZING Library Team who are always happy to support our students, staff and parent community!