Credit for Demonstrated Mastery

  • UPDATE on CDM Testing for Saturday, February 22nd at Carrboro High School (updated 2:30 PM Friday, February 21st)


    ALL students must bring their district Chromebook for testing and an ID. Please see ALL of the information on this page below. 


    In order to ensure the safety of students, families, and staff, we will operate testing on a TWO HOUR DELAY schedule.  

    • Staff will arrive at 9 AM to Carrboro HIgh School.
    • Students who have an AM test will arrive at 10 AM. 
    • AM EOC Tests (10:30- 2:30)  
    • AM NCFE Tests (10:30-12:30)
    • Students taking an AM and PM test will have a 30 minute break. They should bring a lunch/snacks and drink.
    • PM Tests (3:00- 5:00)
    • Students taking ONLY a PM test should arrive at 2:30 PM.


    UPDATED (January 30, 2020)

    The information below provides testing information for Phase 1 assessments, which will be administered on Saturday, February 22, 2020. 

     WHERE: Carrboro High School 201 Rock Haven Rd, Carrboro, NC 27510

     WHEN: Please see this detailed information for testing times. Families may PRINT this document to have as a reference. 



    WHAT: This document provides a description of each assessment for Phase 1 and Phase 2. 



     Students MUST bring their district assigned Chromebook.

    • It is critical for students to bring their FULLY CHARGED district Chromebook and the charger. 
    • Students who do not bring their device will not be able to test. We will not have extra devices available. 

     Students MUST bring a form of identification. 

    • For middle school students, this may be a social security card, report card, or other valid identification. Students without proper identification will not be allowed to test. 

    Students are allowed to have food and drinks. 

    • Students who have two tests should bring a lunch, drink, and/or snacks.  Students may have access to food or drinks, preferably water, during testing breaks. 

    Students may bring their own calculators to use during a math or chemistry assessment if it meets the linked state requirements. 

    • Graphing calculators will be available for all students. If a student brings a calculator, we will CLEAR all memory before testing. 



    Prohibited Items in the Testing Room: *personal calculators, *cell phones, Apple watches, Fitbits, or any electronic device.

    Per NCDPI Test Administration Guidelines, “The presence of prohibited items in the testing room may constitute a misadministration or violation of the Testing Code of Ethics. Students are not allowed to bring any prohibited items into the testing room. Any student found or observed with a cell phone/electronic device during testing time must be dismissed from testing and a misadministration declared for that student.”

    * Please note that students with these devices will place them away from them in the testing room. No devices will be near the student while testing unless it is an approved calculator.  



    • Students will be provided all testing materials including pencils, scrap paper, and calculators as needed. 
    • Students who finish testing early will be allowed to leave DURING A SCHEDULED BREAK. 



    Please read all the detailed information for testing times carefully regarding testing information and times. Students who are testing at the school level will be notified of the dates and times by the school.  This information is specifically for the testing sessions on Saturday, February 22nd. 

    Students taking ONE state assessment 

    Look at the linked schedule above and identify what time you will need to arrive (AM or PM). Some students may not need to arrive until 1 PM based upon which assessment they are taking. 

    Students taking TWO state assessments

    Students scheduled for 2 assessments will take BOTH on February 22nd.  The linked schedule above shows when tests will be administered. Students may NOT choose which test to take first; tests are assigned as indicated in the schedule. 

    Students taking more than TWO state assessments. 

    Students will be individually scheduled in each school building for a third (plus) assessment . Please contact your school counselor or assistant principal for more information. 


    For General Questions please call the Executive Administrative Assistant for Secondary Schools

    Kelly Glosson - - Phone Number: 919.967.8211 x 28278

    If you have specific content related questions regarding the CDM process, please contact the appropriate content director. 

    Dorie Hall: Math and Science-

    Dr. Brenda Whiteman: Arts-

    Dr. Christy Stanley: English & Social Studies-

    Kathi Breweur: Career & Technical Education -