Example Student Day

A day in the life of a Pre-K student

School day is 8:00am - 2:30pm. This is a typical schedule in a Pre-K classroom.

  • 8:00am Students arrive, greeted by teachers and classmates, and enter into play.
  • 9:00am Students have a balanced and nutritious breakfast in their classroom or cafeteria followed by toothbrushing.
  • 9:30am Students participate in whole group/circle time
  • 9:50am Students participate in learning activities in interest areas or “centers.”
    • Blocks/building; dramatic play; art/drawing; books/library; discovery/science; manipulatives/table toys; sand & water; music & movement.
  • 10:50am Recess/Free play
  • 11:50am Lunch is served followed by a second toothbrushing.
  • 12:30pm Read aloud and Transition to nap
  • 1-2:00pm Nap, rest, or quiet time
  • 2-2:30pm Music and Movement prepare to go home.